28 de abril de 2008

Precios precisos

Parece ser que la mayor efectividad en ventas de 19,97 sobre 20 no se debe (o no sólo) al efecto psicológico del cambio de dígito (decena en este caso), sino a que reflejaría a partir de su precisión un mayor valor inherente al producto:

" Why would this happen? As Janiszewski and Uy explain in the February issue of Psychological Science, people appear to create mental measuring sticks that run in increments away from any opening bid, and the size of the increments depends on the opening bid. That is, if we see a $20 toaster, we might wonder whether it is worth $19 or $18 or $21; we are thinking in round numbers. But if the starting point is $19.95, the mental measuring stick would look different. We might still think it is wrongly priced, but in our minds we are thinking about nickels and dimes instead of dollars, so a fair comeback might be $19.75 or $19.50. "

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